Know what's happening so that you can manage effectively


Decrease Response times

Provide your CNAs with the tools they need to effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of your residents

Identify high-performing CNA's

 See which employees consistently rise to the task and outperform their peers

Increase Facility ROI

 Know what adjustments need to be made with residents and staff to optimize day-to-day operations and maximize ROI


The Old Way

  • Pay tens of thousands of dollars upfront
  • Wait months for an installation that puts holes in your walls
  • Give a history lesson to your teenage employees about pagers and cordless phones
  • Leave your office and walk down the hall to get limited info from that computer that's still rockin' the floppy disk
  • Spend $120+ to replace a pendant that you know in your gut shouldn't cost near that price
  • Pay thousands of dollars in 5 years to get the "latest version" because your system is outdated (just like it was when they sold it to you)

The New Way

  • Pay per resident per month
  • Receive pendants in 3-5 business days
  • Employees use the phone they already have in their pocket
  • Access your dashboard anywhere, at anytime (even at home in your sweatpants)
  • Free pendant replacement
  • We keep your software updated via the interwebs so you'll always have the latest version :) 

Sound too good to be true?

We were able to reduce our response time by 30%
— Tiffany, Admin
It is so much easier to use than our old system. And I love that I don’t need to carry so many things in my pockets
— Rachel, CNA
Since we started using Nightingale, we’ve been much more efficient with our staffing levels
— Tom, Owner